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Best Body Massage & Thai Spa in Dhaka is your trusted service center. We provide the perfect spa massage with our expert therapist. Contact us to book your body massage spa now! Call now Neha Thai Spa.

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Best Body Massage & Thai Spa in Dhaka Gulshan, This has been your trusted spa service since 2019.

Features of Neha Thai Spa's body massage

dry body massage

Dry Massage

Thai traditional massage

Thai Traditional Massage

aroma oil massage

Aroma Oil Massage

oil massage

Oil Massage

back and shoulder massage - neha thai spa

Back and Shoulder Massage

four hand massage - neha thai spa

Four Hand Massage

best body massage

Body Massage

Foot Massages

Foot Massage

Special Package

pedicure spa

Pedicure Spa

manicure spa

Manicure Spa

head massage

Head Massage

Our Testimonials

I got a perfect body massage at Neha Thai Spa. It was the most relaxing massage I’ve ever had. Neha was very professional and made sure I was comfortable throughout the session. I would recommend Neha Spa to anyone looking for a quality body massage.

Neha gave me a four-hand massage. It was the most relaxing experience I’ve ever had. I felt my entire body relax as she applied gentle pressure to different areas of my body. It was like being wrapped in a warm blanket of bliss.

I have taken a dry body massage at the cheapest rate in Bangladesh The massage was relaxing and made me feel energized. I was able to sleep better and my skin felt softer and smoother. I would definitely recommend this massage to others who are looking for an affordable and effective treatment.

Are You Looking for The Best Body Massage?

“Neha Thai Spa” invites you to experience the epitome of relaxation and rejuvenation. Step into a world of tranquility where ancient Thai healing traditions meet modern wellness practices. The best Thai spa and body massage here offers affordable, professional, and relaxing services. Everyday life stresses avoid and embark on a journey of holistic healing and inner harmony at our luxurious spa center in Dhaka. Best Soul Rub Center is the best spa in Dhaka. we are a popular therapy center spa in Gulshan.

We have experienced therapists and a skilled team who will ensure that you get an amazing therapeutic massage, soothing and refreshing treatment, and feel rejuvenated. Neha Spa offers a range of personalized experiences with aesthetic design. We ensure a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our main goal is to provide our clients with an experience that is truly relaxing and satisfying.

Our most popular services are Traditional Thai Massage, Swedish, Hot Stone, Oil, Aroma Oil, Body Scrub, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Head, Foot, And Four Hand Massage, etc. This scrub gives you deep relaxation and helps to increase blood circulation and improve health flexibility.

Why Choose Neha for Thai Spa?

  • Special advanced treatment and modern equipment
  • 10 years experience expert girls and boys therapist
  • Using imported Thai massage products
  • Luxurious Oil, Smell, and spa massage
  • Clean and calm paradise touch SPA environment
  • Special gifts and offers!
  • Exceptional service
  • Best massage treatments at affordable prices
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Best Price.

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Dry massage which is similar to polishing with bare hands increases blood circulation in the body.

A special treatment that originated from the Chinese about a thousand years ago. Its numerous benefits can be observed in different parts of the body. Its name is Traditional Thai Massage.

Aroma oil massage is a type of massage that is polished using essential oils to relieve stress and anxiety. The use of oil polish is enough to relax the muscles and reduce inflammation. Oil massage always helps to improve blood circulation and also reduce blood inflammation.

Foot massage is used to relieve foot pain or to relax the feet and is very popular in Bangladesh.

Body massage currently has ten to fifteen types of service prices starting from three thousand to thirty thousand Bangladeshi taka. It includes oil massage, dry massage, head massage, foot massage, neck massage, and back pain relief massage.

There are four types of massages in special massage, so it is named special body massage. This massage service is provided only by Neha Thai Spa Company, their massage place is in Dhaka Gulshan.

Back massage is very effective when you are tired after work or your back feels some kind of pain. By using this massage, at least half of the pain is reduced. One of its many benefits is feeling strong.

First you decide which service is right for you? After that you know well about the scheduled services and can book easily by calling the helpline number. Or you can follow our google map and come directly to the office.

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